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Regular Style - Good

This roof style is the most economical. Here in the regular style roof carport, the corrugated ridges run from end to end. This roof style is great if you live in an area without heavy winds and rains.  Perfect to protect your cars from sunshine and damage from exposure to the sun.


Boxed Eave Style - Better

This is also an A-frame design, but rather than vertical panels, these panels are installed horizontally. This is more affordable since it does not have the hat-channel pieces that need to be installed with a vertical roof. Good for areas that have some heavy winds but don’t get a lot of snow or heavy rains.


Vertical Roof Style - BEST

If you live in a climate with heavy snowfall or heavy rain, Lone Star recommends the vertical roof style carports. The vertical roof panels allow snow and rainwater to exit off the sides. This is an A-frame designed roof with panels installed vertically, with the corrugated ridges running from the highest point on the roof down the side of the building.  We also recommend that all buildings longer than 36’ use a vertical style roof.


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